The 5th Werkleitz Biennial is due to be held from July 31st until August 4th 2002 in Tornitz/Werkleitz near Magdeburg (Sachsen-Anhalt).  Once again this international festival of media art (celebrating its 5th anniversary) will include scores of films and videos, a large exhibition area and many live events and forums.  Contributions from around 100 artists from many countries in the areas of media film/video, visual arts and performances can be expected.
Curated by a team of 12 artists and executives this years biennial is set to focus on the roots of apartheid as a broad-based and subtle phenomenon and to look at how separate identities are coined culturally, socially and politically, be it on the basis of colour, sex and class, or on the basis of education, wealth and profession.  How do such factors define and reinforce the notion of 'they' on the one hand, and 'we' on the other?  A confrontation with the architecture of divisiveness and its possible antidotes, even if these be utopian in nature, will be at the heart of the 5th Werkleitz Biennial.  It's title "Zugewinngemeinschaft" - a term from German marital law - can, however, also be understood in a much more far-reaching sense: if it is applied to a society that in many regards defines itself through added value (or is focused on it) and tends to want to exclude any other obligations, other political circumstances come into view.